With the guidance of the practitioner, facilitating a series of simple mental exercises, the client effectively clears the negative identities that bring about these energy draining emotions, enabling the client to re-evaluate their self worth and personal ability. The benefits of this self empowerment are felt immediately.

MEM Sessions are equally effective by telephone or using Skype.

There is an important proviso that needs stating;  In all cases, the client must genuinely want to change.

No matter how skilled a practitioner and no matter how powerful the Mace Method, it is impossible to change anyone who does not want to change.

All that is necessary is for clients to indicate any unwanted feeling, or any unwanted aspect of life. A session typically takes one hour and many clients only need 1-2 sessions with a practitioner to permanently eliminate all negative emotional and behavioural issues. Sessions can easily be carried out over the phone.

The process is an experiential one with the initial session called Life Repair. It focuses on identifying and clearing the key negative elements that are potentially running the client’s life. These negative elements may or may not be known. These negative traits are so subtle and aligned to a person’s view of themselves, that they consider these trait’s to BE them.

The more negative feelings that are dis–created, the more there is of the real you, the more effective and positive you are… happiness and peace of mind follow.

MEM follows the BE,DO and HAVE Paradigm

When the negative feelings and beliefs are removed, a person is free to BE how they choose, unencumbered by negative aspects and able to utilise their full potential. From that place of being, they start DOing to soon bring into their lives what they want to HAVE.

At the conclusion of a session, the practitioner will have little to no knowledge of the client’s history or personal life.


The MEM procedure does not require the client to ‘disclose’ or talk details about their negative and traumatic experiences. The technique is uncomplicated – easy for the client to follow and participate in. The release of the emotional trauma is immediate – the client experiences an emotional release and ‘healing shift’ in perception about the former problems. Clients feel immediate benefits – ‘like a ton of bricks have been lifted off them.’

“FEELINGS BURIED ALIVE NEVER DIE” an old true saying, but theMace Energy Method has changed that to “ANY CHRONIC UNWANTED FEELING CAN BE ELIMINATED


—The Mace Energy Method has absolutely no connection whatsoever with any other method, system, model or practice. It stands in its own right as a unique self empowerment model, developed over more than half of John's 80 year lifetime. Any claim to the contrary is made from ignorance of the method--