My introduction to the Mace Method came after the breakdown of my 2nd marriage.
At the time I was at a loss to know which way to turn. My working career of over 30 years which involves to a large degree the approval and inspection of buildings and the subsequent dealings with the public has also greatly affected my outlook on life in a negative way.

I still remember my first session and my scepticism, as I sat there thinking, what the hell am I doing here. Fortunately, I somehow managed to keep an open mind. I was so amazed at how simple and effective it  was, in how I could genuinely look back at that terrible time with a smile. 

Today I enjoy my work and my relationships, and most of all, my life.

I decided to  train as a Mace Method Practitioner 5 years ago, to assist people, who wanted to make changes in their lives, as I had wanted to in mine. Especially for men, who find it difficult to share their problems or talk about their personal issues. The great part of the MEM procedure is that there is no self disclosure of problems. There is simply no need to discuss your issues.

Your feelings are with you wherever you go, why not discreate the negative ones.

Know that you are not alone, and you do not have to live with unwanted thoughts and feelings that are bringing you down. With a few simple MEM sessions, you too can fix those areas of your life, where you are not happy or fulfilled. Results are gaurenteed ! What have you got to lose?


Greg Kenyon I.A.C.P

Advanced MEM Practitioner

Greg Kenyon has been endorsed / recognised
by founder John Mace